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Atticus & Malik & Ulysses: TagTeam RAW

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Duration: 33min 12sec Views: 7 992 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: This TagTeam RAW has everything! All three guys are totally into each other. So there is tons of kissing, rimming, ass-to-mouth, daisy-chain fucking, and even some double penetration! Malik is the sub boy, but with all three guys having few limits, there is a lot of mutual pleasuring going on. Everyone is hungry for the other! For the ending, Atticus drops his load into Malik's open mouth. Ulysses rams him hard when he gets the facial, making Malik shoot his own nut. Ulysses pulls out and squirts once on his hole, and then plunges the rest in, his cock spasms as he fills Malik up! Ulysses pulls out, and then Atticus cleans his cum-soaked cock!