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MASON'S FIRST TIME (Mason 18 & Trey 20)

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Description: What is it REALLY like here at CF? It's fun, of course. Sexy, for sure. At any one time, there's half a dozen of the hottest, horniest guys around (and that's just me and the crew ) doing what they do best – getting naked and fucking the hell out of each other. But there truly is a bond that gets created between these guys and it's awesome to witness. The upperclassmen watch out for the newbies. They take them under their wing, they help them with nerves. And in some cases, that bond literally explodes into searing hot action on screen. Trey and Mason were hanging out on the porch, as Mason checks out Trey's Dean's List profile. If you came out to film with us, wouldn't YOU check out the guys you might get paired with? You can see their mutual attraction building during their conversation. Trey talks about a photo shoot, and what other types of things Mason can expect as he undergoes his CF education. The flirting starts and they move quickly to the bedroom. Once there, Mason's nerves were gearing up a little bit – but Trey puts him completely at ease. He's genuinely interested in what Mason's reaction to this new situation is … as well as being turned on by his looks and his innocence. The guys kiss. Trey jokes around as they kiss and explore each others' bodies. One of the great things about our “Sly Fox” Trey (and now I'm NEVER going to stop calling him that) is that he effortlessly moves from fun to sensual. He laughs one minute, then demands Mason service him the next. Not that Mason is reluctant to service Trey's hot body! He licks and kisses and does everything Trey tells him. Trey gives Mason's toes a bath with his tongue and Mason sucks Trey's fingers hungrily. Sometimes the chemistry takes over. Right now, the reaction is sparking big time! Trey is all smiles and flirtation as he works his way down Mason's body, paying special attention to Mason's nipples. It's clear that the attraction here has gone into overdrive. Trey takes his time with Mason's cock, telling Mason to relax. But Mason's dick is anything but relaxed. It's about to bust through his shorts! Trey forces Mason to stop doing anything and let him service him completely. Mason's never had a guy touch him this way but it's obvious from his face and his hard-on that he's in sheer ecstasy. Trey sucks him deeply. Mason is eager to return the favor for his new buddy. He's a little uncertain about that huge cock, but he wants to make Trey feel as good as he does. Watching Mason take such a big fat cock in his virgin mouth was one of the hotter things we've filmed in a while! They 69 each other, and thenTrey figures Mason is ready for the next step. “I can't wait,” Mason says. Trey sits on Mason's dick and slides slowly down. He rides Mason, groaning with pleasure. Mason pumps upward, fucking Trey good and hard. Trey pants and begs to be fucked more. They switch to put Trey on his hands and knees, which I now dub “sly fox-style!” Mason drives his dick in deep, at last getting his chance to shine. Trey keeps looking back, wanting to see himself getting pounded by this hot freshman. Trey's perfect ass wraps around Mason's cock tightly. Trey can't hold off anymore and yells out as he shoots halfway across the bed! He whimpers as Mason continues to pound him. Mason pulls out and delivers his load of hot spunk all over Trey's muscled back. Mason jokingly says his first time was “not so bad.” He leans in over Trey's shoulder as he kisses him and doesn't seem willing to move. I don't blame him! And that's how things REALLY go down here at CF!