Ian Takes On Connor

Duration: 22:50 Views: 22K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Hot CF stud Connor wanted to be the one to unbridle quiet, shy, but also insanely hot Ian. As we all know, what Connor wants- Connor gets! We asked Ian what was going through his mind throughout. He admitted, that in trying to fit Connor’s big cock in his mouth he was worried how he’d be able to fit that in his ass! Afterwards he said that he was in awe of Connor and most definitely didn’t regret a moment! On the other side, Connor loves breaking in new guys, feeling their virgin hole struggle against his meat, the tight warmth in the initial swallow, being the first to explore something that’s never been touched, and then the eventual complete and total surrender from a muscled jock- bent over, hard as rock- taking and loving it! The best part doesn’t come from the sensation he feels on his hot veiny dick, but that glorious moment when he knows he’s given them something they never thought they would experience- an explosive orgasm from being fucked anally!