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Description: Elder Kensington was caught with his pants down! He had been snooping around the Bishop’s office while all the missionaries in his district were attending a fireside. After telling his companion he needed to use the restroom, Elder Kensington went to see if the Bishop was in. He wanted to talk to the Bishop about the strong sexual urges he was feeling towards his companion. However, the bishop was not in. Elder Kensington, alone in the Bishop’s office, let his curiosity lead the way. He began going through the Bishop’s belongings; after checking out his collection of books, Elder Kensington began rummaging through the Bishops Desk, and was surprised by what he found. Alongside the General Handbook of Instructions was a penis shaped dildo. He also found a stash of vintage male nude photographs in a large un-marked manila envelope. After seeing the images, Elder Kensington couldn’t contain himself, he had to take care of his growing member. Seeing that no one was around, the horny boy dropped trousers and began stroking his very large missionary cock. He hungered for release. Writhing and panting, he could feel himself getting close. And then, right when his prostate began firing, it happened. Cum erupted forth from his swollen hungry cock head, just as Brother Olsen of the Bishopric (also a member of the higher order) entered the office. Unbeknownst to Elder Kensington, Brother Olsen had been watching him on the closed circuit security system. Elder Kensington, in ecstasy and shock, tumbled into the bishop’s chair. Brother Olsen began to approach him. It became clear that Brother Olsen’s slacks were now tenting; What had he in store for Elder Kensington?