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Jonathan & Seth

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Duration: 16min 14sec Views: 1 966 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Twink lovers Jonathan and Seth get over their nervousness in their first scene on film. These two are always horny and really into each other and it is easy to get them going. Seth loves to ram his cock deep inside Jonathan and then he loves to pull out... dripping cum, all the way... (Studio Promotion) =========================== My synopsis: Supposedly "lovers" (well, I believe it!!!), Seth comes home from school, bitching about how much he HATES that class at school "That teacher's such an ass; he gave me a C on a test..." Redheaded Jonathan expresses his sympathy, and offers a back massage to Seth for awhile... then sensing his real mission in life is to help Seth break out of his bad mood; he flips him over, strips his pants off, and starts to suck his cock, with genuine enthusiasm. Seth's mood improves, and he returns the favor by sucking Jonathans cock briefly, then sixty-nines briefly, and gets into butt munching his boyfriend, for quite some time. Seth is rock hard throughout this lovemaking. He gets his redhead boyfriend into doggy position, and wastes no time sliding his cock all the way in... Jonathan and Seth set up a rhythm fucking... Jonathan pushing back onto Seth’s' cock, asking "Harder" while his own hardon clearly shows how much he’s enjoying the fuck... by now, a standing Seth, giving the bent-over Jon what he needs... Eventually they get back to bed, Seth relaxing on his back, Jon sitting on his cock, and they continue fucking like this, while Seth jacks Jon off, at the same time... Jonathan eventual takes over the jacking task, and shortly blows a powerful load all the way up to Seth's face, then all over his smooth twink tummy.... Then it's Seth's turn to cum... He gets behind Jon doggy style again, and unloads a MASSIVE load all over and around Jon's ass... and proceeds to plant that seed, with his still rock hard cock repeatedly pushing as much of the gooey cum up into Jon's boy pussy... They both relax, Seth saying he feels SO much better now, and the two happy lovebirds lay back in a cum-soaked bliss, all stress, worries and anxieties... a thing of the past.