Jasper & Kennys Late Night Fuck

Duration: 19:55 Views: 6.8K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: Late at night, when a hot, horny, and naked body presents himself in front of Jasper – is he really suppose to not succumb to the desires that Kenny’s hard dick brings? After all, there’s a reason they decided to share the bed! As great as his body look in the day, the lamplight across Kenny and Jasper’s ideal bodies makes each of their well-defined muscles look even more tantalizing than usual! Jasper takes his time sliding into Kenny to make sure that not a single inch is taken for granted. It’s definitely not. Kenny moans as he’s being filled. Kenny’s sexy abs are on full display as Jasper fucks him from the side, top, and underneath! This is exactly what Kenny was fantasizing about in the shower and he makes sure to let Jasper know just how good it feels – then let Jasper taste it! Afterward Kenny makes sure to suck Jasper dry – then gives Jasper a taste of his own cum!