Daniel Drills Jon

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Description: aniel and Jon can’t hide how badly they want each other- and go at it like this is the last cock they’ll ever get! This is by no means a quiet get together, they’re naked and on top of each other before the cameras even start rolling. In fact, just had to sit back and let them do their thing. They were so into the moment that they wouldn’t have listened anyway- but they looked so good doing it that we I was just happy to get the view! Hungry for cock, they take turns sliding up and down their dicks. Then it’s time to fuck! It had been a while since Jon had gotten a good lay, and Daniel was going to make sure that he turned him out. His ass bounces from the work out he gives himself, but it’s worth it for the look on Jon’s face. Face on the bed, Jon happily takes all of Daniel over and over again. To go even deeper, Daniel stands up and puts his weight into each thrust. Jon delivers one hell of a load that just keeps coming and Daniel tops it off with even more hot jizz!