Smack Talkers

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Description: Get ready for three cute Twink boys having a ball on a lazy, silly afternoon. While Mark Gabriel and his buddy from school, Cody Parker, try to conquer a popular new video game, the newer boy on campus, Anderson Lovell, looks on and laughs. 'You guys suck at that game!' Anderson says. Cody can't believe this kid has balls enough to open his mouth! Cody challenges Anderson to try his own hand and he does. But Anderson's no good either. Big, tough Mark makes a rule for Anderson: since he talked so much trash, if he loses the game, he must suck Mark's big, bulging cock. Anderson agrees and loses only seconds after accepting the stipulation! Mark wastes no time sticking his fat dick right into Anderson's tender mouth. Cody likes this action and joins in, getting his own taste of Mark's boner. Mark would feel bad if he didn't return the favor to the guys, so he sucks their dicks too. Then, as Anderson takes a mouthful of Cody's meat, Mark goes around to lick Anderson's ass! Then, Mark is going all the way, shoving his hard erection into Anderson's sweet, tight hole. Don't miss any of this super sexy Twink three-way - Anderson Lovell, Mark Gabriel, Cody Parker