Summer Pair

Duration: 24:50 Views: 10K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Languishing in the heat, bored and anxious, Brock Mason lures Tyler Morgan into a little mid afternoon swim session, and after stripping down to their skivvies, the guys get a little wet and wild with each other. Getting all worked up under the blazing sun, they retreat back inside, but don't get very far, stopping in the doorway to finish what they have started. Tyler reaches his hands down the front of Brock's speedo and pulls his cock out, falling to his knees and beginning to suck it off, before Brock throws Tyler back on a recliner and rips his pants off, slinging his legs back over his shoulders and tonguing his ass in preparation. Once moistened, Brock slips his cock inside Tyler from behind. Tyler looks over his shoulder as Brock slides in, and Tyler begins bucking back against his friend's pelvis as Brock grabs him by the waist and thrusts deeper and harder, finally flipping over and letting Tyler ride him cowboy style, until Tyler busts his nut all over Brock's pulsating stomach. Brock pulls out and loses his load as Tyler laps it up with his tongue, both sweaty and sated and ready for the evening - Brock Mason, Tyler Morgan