DJ Russo and Rico Vega

Duration: 16:29 Views: 13K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: Big Daddy DJ Russo is the kind of man you might associate with rough trade and ugly tricks. He thinks with his cock and nothing is going to stop him from busting his nut in a tight hole. Rico Vega is a hustler used to life in dark places...being Latino in Arizona tends to drive you away from the margins of polite society. These two old-school fuckers hook up looking to use each other in the raunchiest way possible. DJ pushes Rico down on the bed and fingers his hole with his meaty digits, lubing him up with grease and prepping him for his hard cock. Rico loves watching DJ lick his greasy fingers, tasting him. You’ll feel more than a little dirty watching these hairy sex pigs rutting their way to a cum-drenched mess.