Alessio Romero fucks Miles

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Description: Miles has been looking forward to a good rub down for a while. So when Alessio Romero jumps on and starts kneading his back, Miles is all about it. Alessio's big man hands dig deep into Miles' sore back and shoulders, working them like dough. Slowly he works his way down to the small of Miles' back before he pulls his underpants off to get better access. He works Mile's butt cheeks over, but he can see that Miles needs something a bit deeper. So he dives his face into Miles' butt crack and starts letting his tongue work over Miles' hole. Miles takes all that Alessio can give him, pressing his ass crack deeper into Alessio's tongue and spreading wide so he can go in deep. Then Alessio flips Miles over and works on his raging hard-on, throating it deep down to the hilt. But now Miles decides it's his turn, and wraps his lips around Alessio's thick rod, taking it in until it pushes into his throat. Then Miles starts milking that hot cock faster with his mouth and throat while Alessio lays back and enjoys the service. Then Alessio gets Miles to his knees, and with a hand full of spit to lube up Miles' hole, plunges his thick meat deep until Miles lets out a long moan of approval. Alessio grabs his buddy's shoulders and starts taking long hard strokes deep into Miles. Then he drops his hands down to Miles' waist and grabs his hips for a good hard pounding. Miles eagerly takes it all as he presses his hungry butt into it. Then Miles jumps to his feet and straddles Alessio's cock and starts riding it hard, as his own stiff cock wags in the air. Miles jams his buddy's cock deep in against his prostate, milking it closer and closer. Next, Miles jumps onto the sofa arm, laying back so Alessio can ram him hard and deep. Alessio grabs his legs and starts pounding Miles hard in between long strokes that let him feel every thick inch. Miles takes it all, and holds his cheeks open for more. Alessio gets right up to the edge, holds himself there, while giving Miles nice long strokes. But pretty soon, Alessio can't hold back anymore and pulls out at the last second to unleash a huge load into Miles' waiting mouth. Miles laps it all up down to the last drop.