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Paul & Derek

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Description: Wow, this was unexpected! I kind of figured that Derek was a "top only" kind of guy. Derek comes across as very serious and somewhat aggressive. He's a big guy with big muscles and I just assumed that he wasn't going to be that flexible.So, imagine my surprise when Derek not only asked if he could get fucked, but he was actually excited about it!"My girlfriend uses dildos on me all the time," he said. "It feels good. I'm ready to try the real thing."So appearances can be deceiving! Derek is actually a really sweet guy and the only aggressiveness I've seen from him was here... he's actually a very enthusiastic bottom!Paul is also a really sweet guy. He's taller and a bit younger than Derek, but I just knew he would appreciate tapping a huge, muscular ass for his first time!I loved the interaction between these two. They were talking and laughing like old friends.Paul got the lotion out and gave Derek a nice muscle massage."Wow, I needed that," Derek said with a big smile.Then Paul got his dick sucked. This was a little big challenging because Derek has braces. Paul wasn't that concerned, but Derek was a little cautious at first.Now, Paul likes it a bit rough, so he told Derek exactly what he wanted."Pull harder," he told Derek, who was tugging on his balls. "Grip my balls. Pull them down."The best part, though, was when Paul finally got to fuck Derek's ass. Paul really slammed him. And Derek really loved it!/i]