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Eli Gerin Taylor

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Duration: 27min 35sec Views: 11 250 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Gerin became their bitch while Eli and Taylor, well, they were all about each other’s cocks...and kissing! The couldn't get enough of each other. I don't think Taylor has worked with a guy with a dick his size, and it was funny to see him in awe of another guy's cock. Eli and Taylor both kept saying their cocks were shamefully smaller than the others. Frankly I think they are evenly matched. The main focus for this video was for them to treat Gerin as their bitch. And they do that in spades. But what I think is awesome is Taylor and Eli threw a lot of energy at each other. I seriously think they were both into each other as well. There are giant cocks splitting Gerin in two and a lot of spit roasting action! Gerin felt sure that he could do a double penetration, but I think he is used to working with smaller-dicked-dudes. We do give it a try. Doesn't last too long as Gerin realizes any DP he had done in the pas was with smaller sized dicks. We bruised his hole, and frankly this video runs 27 minutes, so I was already maxing out the time. Eli is always fine with getting fucked, so we do get some fine daisy chain fucking. This always worries me as the guy in the middle always shoots prematurely, but Eli did grat and they do get a rhythm going, with Taylor pulling out, hardening his dick, then shoving it back in. Since Gerin is so flexible, I wanted to do an upside down cumshot with his asshole as a bowl. I knew it was unlikely he could cum that way, but Taylor fills up Gerin's bruised hole (abuse from the double penetration attempt remember!) and I will be damned if Eli unloads right on top of Taylor's load within seconds. Awesome timing! He then shoves it in, cum oozing out, and dripping down Gerin's cock. It is TRULY astounding! It is for sure one of the best creampies you will ever see! Poor Gerin was cramped up from being upside down, so we gave him a break and have him cum while he sucks on the cocks that just unloaded inside of him!