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Levi Michaels and Max Carter Flip-Fuck

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Duration: 27min 23sec Views: 5 246 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Levi Michaels might be our newest CockyBoy, but he's no stranger to adult entertainment. He started out his modeling career with his clothes on, but he couldn't resist the opportunity to do porn when a friend connected him to the industry. And we're happy he made this decision -- his handsome "good guy" looks and attitude make for an interesting contrast when he's getting fucked! And speaking of his looks, he and Max Carter seem like they could be brothers with their baby blue eyes and shaggy blond hair. Levi's a bit more outspoken and upfront, though, and this worked to his advantage when he met the reserved Max in New York for the first time. Weeks later, they meet again in Las Vegas to figure out how this chemistry translates to sex... Let's just say it was pretty fucking hot. Of course Max had to fuck Levi first to break him in, and Levi's intense facial expressions proved he loved feeling Max's cock inside him. But in the end, Levi took control and gave Max a hard pounding he won't soon forget. Levi's definitely going to be on your radar after this scene -- Max was certainly proud to anoint him! Enjoy, Jake Jaxson