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Hairy Straight Lad & Boxing Ace Tom King Knocks Out Five Cums Shots!

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Duration: 27min 21sec Views: 96 416 Submitted: 2 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Tom’s photo set proved very popular and hasn’t left the top ten of your favourites since his first appearance. He is one of these lads who is exactly the same in person as on camera, slightly understated, quite confident, but mixed with uncertainty about what he is doing! Tom is a fighter, he boxes and does some other fighting, and stripping down to his boxers is something he is chilled about doing. His body is natural, hair in the right places and just nicely muscled; he loves showing off his arms, though since I have got to know him so well you notice how much he touches and fondles and plays with his cock while you chat to him in his trackies! He is one bundle of hormones and if you count how many times he cums in the video today I think that is all the confirmation you need!