Valentino Medici Unbuttons Adriano Carrasco’s

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Description: Valentino Medici Unbuttons Adriano Carrasco’s Suit Pants for Some Full Service 2014 Valentino Medici is new on the job and is putting in long hours to make an impression, but after everyone has gone home he takes a break and watches some porn. His favorite star is Adriano Carrasco, and as he’s watching some smut and rubbing his crotch he dozes off. The lust comes alive in Valentino Medici’s dream when he’s confronted by Adriano dressed in a powerful suit befitting his strength, good looks, and raging sex appeal. Valentino proves that he’s got what it takes to be more than a businessman -- but a porn star too -- as he sucks and gets fucked by Adriano’s big uncut cock!