Chase and Chandler Swap Loads

Duration: 24:57 Views: 10K Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: What do you do when a hot young man with a fat, 8 inch dick finds his way to Corbin Fisher and is eager to appear in a video for us? Pair him up with Chandler and his fat dick, of course! Chase will win you over seconds in to this video. He has this eager look on his face and a huge smile as things get going. I suspect Pete had a similarly big smile on his face as Chase pulls off his t-shirt to reveal a tight, defined body. While flexing, Chase looks great! His having such a hot body isn't much of a surprise, though - Chase is a total jock and played football and wrestled throughout school. Wrestling actually led to his first sexual experience, as well (I knew that happened!!). With a studly athlete like Chase, we just had to get him right in to some action. With that big dick of his, we had to get him in action with Chandler! I gather both of these studs were thoroughly pleased with that decision, as they've traded gallons of cum by the time it's over!