SoStro Ballin

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Description: Fuck! I don’t even know where to start with this one. We managed to have Cole and Logan at the Ranch all weekend along with Haigan, Joey and Trevor. Everyone made their way to the Ranch late Friday night and they all seemed to be ready to have a good time. Cole was the last to arrive so the rest of the boys were already a few cocktails in before our big boy showed up. Logan took one look at Cole and immediately yelled! Finally there is someone bigger than me here at the Ranch. I’m gonna have me a good ole time. It couldn’t have been more than an hour later that Logan and Cole were tongue fucking each other’s throats so I had to pry them apart long enuff to get the cameras rolling. They stood up and started kissing each other as they pressed hard against their cocks. It took everything I had to stay in the room as these two gorgeous men went at it with reckless abandon. I can’t remember when I have been so turned on producing a video. But then these two didn’t need any direction. Logan dropped to his knees and took Cole’s huge member into his eager wet mouth. Logan worshiped Cole’s cock for a bit until Cole was ready to check out his upcoming conquest. Logan bent over the fire place and arched his back so that Cole could admire his muscle ass. Cole spread Logan’s cheeks and then slowly played with Logan’s moist hole inserting his tongue deep and fingers even deeper. Cole ate Logan’s ass until Logan was worked up to a frenzy and begging Cole to mount him. Cole slowly teased Logan’s hole again only this time with his swollen mushroom head. Cole slowly moved his cock in and out of Logan’s expanding hole. Don’t worry; the action was just getting started. Logan was worked up all right and he wanted to fuck and Cole couldn’t wait. Logan pushed Cole onto his back and spread his legs and entered him with his hard cock. Logan fucked Cole hard and deep as Cole begged him to fuck him harder and harder. Cole shot his load with Logan deep inside him and Logan made sure it didn’t go to waste. Logan had worked up such a thirst that he took Cole’ load in his mouth and then politely shared it back.