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AJ & Josh Fuck Kaden

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Duration: 40min 35sec Views: 4 614 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Another day, another boy to abuse! AJ and Josh pickup fit straight boy Kaden in a car park who is about to go shopping. But he aint going shopping, he's gonna end up coming with us, may as well give in now straight boy! Kaden is offered money to shag the lads but surprise surprise it is our straighty-180 who makes the first move, grabbing the lads' crotches. They take him back to their mates flat where AJ and Josh tell him he won't be shagging them, THEY will be shagging him! And fuck, they don't hold back, shoving dildos, vibrators and both of their dicks at once up his hole as they abuse his ass. All three cum big loads and then the lads make Kaden eat every last drop. All the while they take pics of his sexcapades and send them to his girlfriends mobile. Haha! Afterwards, the lads run off and leave Kaden stranded. These straight boys will never learn!