AJ & Josh Fuck Lee

Duration: 28:48 Views: 7.7K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: AJ and Josh drive round town and pickup tracksuit wearing Lee at the bus stop. Boys in tracksuits ' yum, how we love our Scally, Chav boys! Once in the van, Lee admits he's Bi and is easily convinced to get it on with the lads. Wow - this bad boy is freakin horny! In fact, in some of the hottest cock sucking we have seen from anyone, he's soon munching down on Josh's huge, thick, veiny cock! What a hungry slut! They then head back to their mates flat, where the tables are turned and it's revealed Lee is actually a mate of the camera man and baitboy Josh is going to be today's victim! Josh is then spanked by the two lads, and shoots a big load out of his big cock - straight into Lee's hungry mouth! As Josh is the victim, he now gets abandoned and the rest of the crew runs off. Jokes now on you Josh!