Three Way Fuck In A Loft (AJ, Kyle & Lex)

Duration: 29:25 Views: 5.6K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: It's a beautiful summer's day and what better to do than kidnap a lad and abuse him! Sounds perfect to us!Kyle and AJ always have their eyes peeled for fit blokes and soon pickup Lex from the railway station and offer him money to come back with them. Hmmmm Lex is quite the pretty boy? If only he knew what he was in for! kyle and AJ take him to the dungeon where they then reveal he WON?T get paid but WILL get abused! Sounds like a fair deal to us! The guys bound him and gag him (that should shut him up) and get all sadistic on his ass. AJ and Kyle sure are nasty boys today, but what's this, could Lex be getting off on the torture!?!Well he must be as Lex cums a nice load and the lads, having had their fun, leave him bound up and all alone. Bye bye!