Sucker! Fucker! - Scene 1

Duration: 16:49 Views: 2.9K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Taylor Blaze is a cute, blond Russian webcam model, who has a craving for a little kinkiness in his life. Fortunately for him, we’re more than happy to turn all his fantasies into reality; as he’s dropped off at a secret location and made to wear a blindfold. He’s then led into a room, where none other than the gorgeous Jake Stark is sat on a sofa waiting to be pleasured. Of course, for the majority of people the sight of someone like Stark in a fabulous pair of briefs would be enough to get them creaming there and then; but here, with our main feature unable to see, it’s a much more sensuous encounter. Not that this lack of sense seems to hold Taylor back in any way, shape or form; as he very quickly gets Stark out of his underwear and proceeds to feast on the thick, meaty, uncut shaft that’s nestling inside. What ensues is almost a fellatio masterclass; as the young bud gobbles away for all he’s worth, bringing Stark to the edge of a very hot and sticky climax in no time at all. Cue a fabulous spray of gooey baby-brew from our stalwart, who literally coats himself in the process; before leaving our young dick-slut with a very satisfied smile and the prospect of more fun to cum!