Three Way Fuck (Josh M, AJ & Danny)

Duration: 25:53 Views: 6.7K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: The baitboys are back on the road and Josh M and AJ decide to visit the local playing fields where they spot Danny. He's as straight looking as they cum with his heavy chain and cap and all dirty from football practice. Think he needs a clean boys!?! But Danny thinks the set up is dodgy and would rather head home to his girlfriend or even call the cops! The driver and cameraman offer him cash and beer to come back and have fun with them and after a little more coaxing they nap their lad. Hmmm this one wasn't as easy as the last boys napped. Are these British Chavs wising up? Anyhow? They all end up in the bath where they give Danny a good clean and a good seeing to. They then rob his clothes and off they go leaving clueless Danny wet and totally starkez.