Raw Heroes - Scene 3

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Description: Staxus Classic: Raw Heroes - Scene 3 (Milan Breeze, Grenady Prokov, Leon Ramov). Threesome, Kissing, Rimming, Bareback, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Creampie, Facial, Studs, Twinks, Blowjob, Big Dick, Cumshots, Dark Hair, Uncut, Uniform, Blonds, Europeans. Arguably director Vlado Iresch’s greatest coup in this entire film was persuading the Czech fire service to hire out one of their engines, but we’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that it’s an achievement lost on the vast majority of our fans. To be fair, that’s quite understandable given that guys watch our productions for very different reasons; and, having treated the viewer to the sight of the emergency vehicle racing through the countryside on the way to and from an aborted call-out, we’re soon back with the crew at base, where the horny trio of Milan Breeze, Grenady Prokov and Leon Ramon are very quickly engaged in some much-needed cock-play to pass the time. It’s at this point that any logically-minded fan might question how these three guys are going to manage to conduct a sex scene in the confined areas of a small fire engine – a problem that the director himself had to confront head-on at the time. The solution stems as much from the dexterity of these three beauties as from the director’s iron-fisted determination to make it happen; with Breeze’s physical flexibility proving the key as his two buddies first rim and then fuck his hungry little man-hole for all it’s worth! All of which culminates in Ramon – the oldest of the trio – quite literally creaming Breeze’s pucker; before Prokov jerks off his own thick, uncut dick, whilst Breeze himself splatters Prokov’s face with jizz in return! All in all, a superb cum-soaked advertisement for the Czech fire service!