Ryan Tied, Fucked & Abused By Danny & Josh

Duration: 37:04 Views: 6.3K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: cruising the streets again and this time decide to look about a posh area near the University. Turned out to be just the right place to be looking for hot guys!Josh and Danny spot ryan - a very tall, very hot University student hard up for cash and very keen to earn some. We offer Ryan lots of money and some hot fun and the guy falls for the whole scam, little knowing that we have no intention to give him a single cent.As we drive about our guys abuse Ryan before taking him to a mates apartment, bending him over, tying his wrists and ankles then fucking him hard. Before fucking Ryan off and driving away our Josh and Danny tell him they? Re not giving him anything other then the sore arse he already has!