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Ari Nucci Fucks Landon Wells

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Duration: 21min 56sec Views: 2 189 Submitted: 10 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Amateur, Kissing, Blowjob, Anal Sex, Bareback, Sperm, Cumshots. Ari Nucci and Landon Wells always bring a fun energy to the studio, and pairing these two studs together is bound to make for one hot scene! Making out and undressing, Ari gets a taste of Landon's meat first! Landon straddles Ari and Ari sucks on that sweet cock, looking up at Landon as he works that dick with his mouth and then licks that ass next as Landon moves his body forward, his hole hovering above Ari’s face. Ari buries his face between Landon’s ass, rimming that hole before Landon moves to sit on Ari’s dick, slowly lowering his hole and taking in Ari’s huge prick until Ari can’t take it anymore and fucks Landon hard! Shoving himself deep inside of Landon, Ari pounds him bareback, driving that dick harder and faster as Landon takes every inch and then lets Ari put him in any position he wants, his ass sore as Ari’s massive prick slides in and out. Landon’s moans fill the room as Ari holds him down and fucks him, then lies back and lets Landon ride him as Ari gets close to orgasm. When Ari is ready to shoot his load, Landon climbs off and waits patiently for those beads of cum to fill his mouth, sucking out every last drop of jizz and cumswapping with Ari before he stands up and lets Ari taste his seed too!