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Austin, Cole & Recruiter Adams Chapter 2: Recruiter Tryout

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Description: Dad/Son, Oral, Anal, Bareback. Brian brought his two new recruits outside to see how their bodies could move and handle the physical demands of the army. Cole stood nearly a foot taller than little Austin who only came up to his shoulder. Austin wasn’t sure how he’d compare next to the handsome, taller recruit, but hoped that Brian would go easy on him given their extracurricular activities. Cole kept eyeing Austin, impressed that the little guy was keeping up as well as he was. Cole had a thing for what he called “spinners.” Stripped down and in their underwear, he could see Austin was sporting a big cock in his tiny briefs. His butt was perfectly round and full, too! He tried not to look too long, worried that he’d get in trouble. Brian watched as his two sexy charges followed his directions, but he had other activities in mind. He walked over to Cole; feeling his smooth, toned body and firm chest. He followed that up by giving Austin a similar treatment, caressing his buttocks and groin. Cole and Austin stood still and obedient, following their tall leader’s orders, unsure of what they should do in response. But once Brian had both their cocks in their hands, they both knew they were doing a little more than simple exercises! Brian took of their underwear, seeing their hard cocks fall out of their white shorts. He put them through a few more drills, watching as their big cocks swung around and smacked against their bodies as they jumped and squatted. He felt his own cock growing hard, hardly able to be concealed by his army issued shorts. He knew he’d seed enough and he needed to play with his willing, beautiful boys… Austin got on all fours, presenting his ass up for Brian to devour. All the while, Cole’s hard cock fucked his face, and stretched out his throat as the tiny boy took it balls deep. Cole watched as his tall superior made a meal of Austin’s backside, getting harder and hornier thinking about the little guy taking a giant’s massive cock. As Austin sucked on his fellow recruit’s thick member, he felt his own shaft leaking pre-cum, thinking about being double teamed by two tall, handsome tops. He didn’t have to wait long for this dream to come true as he felt Brian’s monster cock slide between his cheeks and penetrate his tight hole!