Reece & Matt Fuck Ryko

Duration: 39:37 Views: 5.0K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: Out and about again, driving around near the college, our guys keep their eyes open for anyone that is cute! Wow - they find one right outside the college gates waiting for his 'girlfriend!' After a bit of persuasion our guys talk him in to the MPV and straight away they set to work and get the poor guy naked! Jack takes us around the back streets which gives our guys the chance to get serous! Our poor, innocent college boy is turned over a fucked and what's this - the 'straighty' loves every second! What a sly dog! In fact this young college boy loved being fucked so much he couldn't wait to show us how much cum he could shoot! Stopping for some air after a very hot season, our guys let our victim out first and Jack hits the gas and we leave him on the sidewalk shouting! Poor, innocent college boys... they are always so gullible!