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Fernando, Unmasked, Uncut and Raw!

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Description: Anal, Bareback, Blowjob, Deep Throat, Rimming, Rosebud, Creampie, Tattoos, Uncut, Cumshots. Models Fernando Ferraro, Dominic Pacifico. In Brazil I Had the hottest raw kinky hookup with a new Latin star in the making, Fernando Ferraro. He's pale, tatted, scruffy and all man! We fooled around in fetishy masks made from hard jockstrap cups till we wanted to get closer and intimate, stick our tongues down each others' throats. His hot sweaty pits got a tongue job and sniff, and BAM! our uncut cocks were both rockhard and raring to go. I took a slurp of his foreskin and shiny dickhead and he slapped his big meat around my face. It's a big one with a pink head and an upward curve, and it tasted musky and great. I fucked my prick into his pretty mouth then he turned to give me a crack at his muscle ass. This bareback Brazilian is definitely made to fuck on camera, WHEW! Fernando grabbed his butt cheeks to open wider as I rimmed his pink hole. Once it was slick and juicy I slid my cock in and started pumping, him kneeling with knees apart to welcome every deep thrust. When he turned over, legs raised and apart, my balls were filling up, getting ready to fire off a load. I sprayed my juice inside with a groan, and let him squeeze it back out his big pucker, red hot and dripping my Latin Daddy cum down his crack.