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Raised In A Trailer Chapter 4

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Duration: 17min 38sec Views: 1 584 Submitted: 1 year ago Submitted by:
Description: Don't Touch My Smokes - Matt Muck, Mel Grey. Anal, Beard, Dad/Son, Masturbation, Older/Younger, Oral, Rimming, Roleplay, Tattoo, Twink. Boys often imitate their father figures, so when little toby muck gets the chance to smoke some of his old man’s cigarettes, he steals his pop’s pack and sneaks out back to take a few puffs. But when his tatted daddy catches the boy in the act, he makes him lick his dirty ass instead of smoking the entire pack. He spreads his cheeks for the boy to run his tongue around his pulsing hole, before the dad turns around and shoves his thick cock in his redheaded teen’s mouth. He loves the way the boy’s pretty little lips feel on his dick so much that he forces his cock deep inside the kid’s young hole, filling him up with his daddy cum. That’ll teach him to make healthier choices!