Dillon Rossi & Lev Ivankov 2016

Duration: 30:39 Views: 33K Submitted: 8 years ago
Description: There's something so unique about our recent live cam shows. While not the typical CockyBoys experience, the cam shows provide a much more interactive experience -- you get to see some of our hottest CockyBoys like never before. This show with one of our newest pups, Lev Ivankov, and the always sexy fan favorite, Dillon Rossi, proves that our boys can get pretty kinky when they're showing off live! Adding to the experience is that Dillon and Lev had two webcams showing different angles while our very own Levi Karter filmed their show in handheld HD, often interacting with the guys. Dillon's a sweet talker, so he loved reading all the requests on their live feed -- they were asked to flex their biceps, show off their underwear, and of course remove their clothes and suck each other's cocks. Always the obedient one, Lev fulfilled every request as best he could. The guys made out, showed off their bare asses before Lev rimmed and then sucked off Dillon for a bit. By far one of the kinkiest moments was when a little bit of bondage was requested. Levi had to help Lev tie up Dillon with some restraints and a belt before Lev finger fucked him and then gave his long, thick cock a handjob. Dillon was squirming in ecstasy, completely helpless! Then the dildo was brought out -- a rubber mold of Levi Karter's cock, actually! This thing was fucking huge, but Dillon really wanted it inside him. It took Lev a few tries, but he was finally able to shove the whole thing up Dillon's eager hole, with Dillon moaning after every inch! For their grand finale, Dillon and Lev got into a hot sixty-nine position, both rimming and sucking each other. Dillon jerked out a huge load on Lev's chest, before graciously helping out Lev with a fast and furious handjob.