Work Out That Kink

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Description: Anal, CMNM, Older/Younger, Oral, Roleplay. /// Models Ramon Cruz, Zach Stevens. /// I'd been feeling a slight tingle in one side of my body...I'm pretty sure it's cause I didn't warm up this past week or so. I've been pushing myself for the next match so just to be on the safe side I asked the head coach to see the doc. He said he pulled a few strings and got me in without an appointment. I hate going to the doctor so it was nice to see a familiar face. I explained what was goin' on and he immediately did his testing. It was also the first time I got my temperature reading from my asshole. I thought they didn't do that anymore. Not gonna lie it kinda gave me a chub. His soft hands and touch made me horny and took my mind off my much that my boner got harder and harder. His warm soft lips wrapped around my head and shaft as he bobbed up and down. What I really wanted to feel was a tight hole for my throbbing cock. I knew I had to play the game right so, I sucked his dick to get that hole ready! His ass was so tight I felt every millimeter of pleasure as I entered him and before you knew it we were busting loads!