Griffin & Santino & Ulysses TagTeam RAW

Duration: 34:11 Views: 44K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: After watching Ulysses great energy I knew I had to put him with Griffin. As the holidays approached, I tried to get as many guys in as possible, and I thought Santino would be great to toss in there and see if working with two guys with amazing energy would amp him up a bit. Griffin and Ulysses do bring their ‘A’ game and drive this video, while Santino is pushing his limits. Everyone gets fucked in this video, so no hole is left un-touched. I think Santino is a better Top than a Bottom, but it’s so hot seeing him sit on a cock while sucking on Ulysses uncut dick. Griffin starts by sucking both guys, showing off his great deep throat skills. Ulysses helps suck on Santino’s cock too. Griffin and Ulysses make-out while working on Santino’s knob. Ulysses then puts his cock next to Santino’s and Griffin gets both cocks in his mouth! Ulysses eventually feeds his dick to Santino who does his best to suck his cock while lying on his back. Griffin joins him, and we get to see Santino try to handle both guys at the same time as they continue to make-out. Ulysses is up first to get fucked, with Griffin sucking his cock at the same time. It’s super-hot seeing Santino pound his ass, balls flying, while Ulysses cock goes down Griffin’s throat. Ulysses has a new appreciation for getting fucked, and I think he will be down for whatever in the future. After that, Griffin is the bottom boy. Santino and Ulysses take turns fucking his hole and his mouth. I wanted to make sure everyone got fucked, but Santino was nervous again about taking a cock. He suggested sitting on it this time out, and you can tell it is still a challenge for him to handle a cock in ass. But he manages to suck on Ulysses as he grinds around on Griffin’s cock. Santino and Ulysses fill Griffin’s hole with their loads, while Griffin nuts almost instantly after Ulysses adds the second load!