Gio Cruz & Justin King 2013

Duration: 20:26 Views: 4.4K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Trojan welcomes Justin back to the team as Gio comes back from a job. Trojan introduces the two and Justin is keen to know what makes Gio so popular. When Gio offers to show him, Justin reaches out and grabs the massive packet of Brazilian manmeat, working the cock to full erection. Justin kneels to suck the dark meat then Gio sits back to enjoy Justin's wet mouth a while longer. He soon pulls Justin up and returns the favour while fingering his ass. Gio then turns him, bends him over the sofa and gets to work on the hairy man's asshole with his tongue. No amount of tongue action is going to relax Justin's tight hole enough to take Gio's thick cock but Gio just keeps going at it. He takes him from the back before moving to the chair so that Justin can take charge and fuck himself as hard as he pleases. They move back to the sofa but this time Justin is on his back and Gio fucks him deeper and before long Gio shoots a hot load on Justin's hot hairy chest and Justin unloads a thick creamy load on his belly.