Roman Capellini and Jamie Kelvin

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Description: Blowjob, Anal Sex, Bareback, Moaning, Shaved, Masturbation, Kissing, Fingering, Handjob, Cumshots, Uncut, Smooth, Twinks. ///// Roman Capellini finds Jamie Kelvin relaxing before he jumps on the sofa and begins kissing Jamie. A receptive young Jamie starts pawing at Roman’s clothes while Roman rubs the growing bulge in Jamie’s shorts. Roman helps Jamie out of his shirt and shorts before kissing his way down Jamie’s chest pausing to remove Jamie’s underwear. Roman finds Jamie’s uncut cock already aroused and he wastes no time swallowing the whole thing and then he focuses intently on giving Jamie a proper blowjob. Roman leans back on the sofa and strips out of his clothes. Jamie is eagerly waiting to get into Roman’s underwear. He pulls down the waist band and out pops Roman’s thick piece of man-meat. Roman pivots Jamie onto his back, pushes his legs back so that Jamie’s ass is in the air. Roman begins gently licking Jamie’s hole enjoying watching Jamie’s face contort with pleasure as his tongue works its magic. Roman slowly pushes his tongue deeper into Jamie’s ass, priming it for his thick cock. Roman lays down beside Jamie and pushes his cock all the way in. Jamie’s cock is rock-hard as Roman begins slowly pumping away at his hole. Roman grabs Jamie’s cock and begins stroking it in rhythm with his fucking; but he has to stop as he almost makes Jamie squirt his load. Jamie switches things up a bit when he climbs on top of Roman and begins working his ass up and down on Roman’s fat cock. He’s loving every moment of it and when he can’t take it anymore, he lays back down on the sofa with Roman power-fucking our hot blond twink. Jamie grabs ahold of his loaded cock and as Roman drives his own cock deep into Jamie’s prostate, Jamie blows a huge, messy load of jizz all over his tight abs. Roman pulls out in time to squirt his thick, creamy load all over Jamie’s spent cock and balls. Looking totally exhausted; but, with a contented smile our two young men kiss as the camera fades to black.