Living Art - Finn Harper, Milo Hudson

Duration: 17:57 Views: 689 Submitted: 1 month ago
Description: Anal, Cumshot, Masturbation, Oral. ///// Finn walks up on Milo tagging TwinkX on a wall with yellow spray paint. This new bad boy persona of Milo’s is really turning him on. After a few years together, this is just the spark their relationship needed. Finn takes a seat on the stairs and begins to tease his cock while Milo paints the wall. It’s not long before Milo calls Finn over to take care of it for him. Without question, Milo puts Finns hard cock in his mouth and begins to give Finn the pleasure he needs. After some mutual sucking, Finn bends Milo over and fills his hole with as much cock as he can take before they both shoot all over Milos belly.