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A Muscular Pounding! (Christian Power, Félix Brazeau)

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Duration: 19min 45sec Views: 33 002 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Christian Power and Félix Brazeau wanted to take advantage of the nice late spring weather, so they decided to take a walk together in a park near the Gay Village in Montreal, chatting it up and sharing pics on their mobile phones. The guys have known each other for a couple of months, so they were quite comfortable with each other, even though this was the first time they would be actually having sex together. Neither one seemed intimated by the idea, but Félix was definitely overwhelmed by Christian’s size. Félix has really gotten into the groove quickly since joining the team of Men of Montréal (MoM) and is really getting off on taking some solid sized dicks up his ass. So, we are more than happy to indulge this newfound passion of his! While Christian started out in porn by being an awesome bottom, he does love to top, and a fierce top he is, pounding his partner’s ass with all the might that you expect from such a massive muscle hunk. Félix was the first to suggest they go back to the house and get in on, clearly showing his eagerness to get at Christian’s dick. Heading right for the bedroom, it was only seconds before our 6’1” bottom boy was all over Christian’s 8” uncut tool. After some artful cocksucking, the guys moved into a sixty-nine position with Félix on top. They burst out laughing when the underwear was obviously getting in the way. That’s when Christian cried out “Let’s get naked!” Our Titan, Christian, then instructed Félix into a doggy style position so he could rim and finger his prey in preparation for a good fucking. The guys were comfortable together and having a lot of fun. When he was ready to fuck, Christian hollered out “Go, it’s Rodeo time!” To which Félix responded with a hearty “Ye Haw!” They were clearly having a good time together. After taunting Félix’s ass with his cock, Christian got on his back and Félix just sat right back onto his top’s firm dick. Even when lying down, Christian can fuck a guy silly. But to really give a solid pounding, he motioned Félix onto his back so he could pound him seriously. Félix loves a good fuck and his loud moaning and groaning is always a good indicator of his pleasure. He was really into this wrecking machine. It was also amazing to see Christian’s abs flex back and forth while fucking… Fiercely hot!! Félix wanted to take Christian’s cum in his face. So that is exactly what our body-builder did, shooting on his forehead, eyelid and cheek, and then spreading it in Félix’s face. He even shot a bit in his eye, giving Félix a light burning sensation. Like a trooper, he kept on going and was quickly next at shooting a load. For his release, he wanted to spread his seed on Christian’s solid bubble butt. So, Christian got on his stomach and let him have his way. Félix delivered a sizeable load and went on to spread in around that big butt with his cock. Sweet!