Tatted Trouble (Andre Lucas)

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Description: Twinks, Solo, Masturbation, Cumshot. ///// It's been a long time since we last enjoyed sexy young Andre Lucas, and he's changed a little in that time. He's still as gorgeous as he was back then, but now he's got a little more sporty definition and some very sexy tattoos to show off. One thing that certainly hasn't changed is his love of stroking that hard young uncut cock. He's relaxing on the bed when we join him, his jeans already bulging with the shape of his perfect pink dick in his pants. Soon his t-shirt is off and his smooth and toned body is on display, his erect cock quickly out and in his fist. He loves to masturbate, just as much as any other young man his age, but he likes to go a little further than other straight lads. His hand slips between his legs, past his bulging taint and down to his tight little hole, a place he likes to gently explore now and then to make his solo BoyFun a little more interesting. His cock seems to enjoy it, bulging even more in his hand while his foreskin glides over the pink swollen tip of his shaft. Kneeling on the bed we get a good look at his shaft, his hands working his length, caressing his balls, the pleasure washing through him in waves. He likes to take his time when he's jacking off, there's no quick tug and shooting with this boy. As he picks up the pace and lays back on the bed he closes his eyes and fondles a hard little nipple with his free hand. We don't know what he imagining, but it's clear he's edging himself closer to a wet and sticky climax. The rhythm of fast stroking and little pauses inches him nearer to the finish line, the orgasmic wave finally washing over as pump after pump of warm and milky cum splash from his tip to decorate his abs, semen pooling in his belly button and around the mounds of his tight abs. As he smears his juices with the foreskin covered cock we leave him to bathe in the afterglow of his pleasure, and we can't wait to see him back again for more.