NTC Words Game (Devin Lewis, Justin Leroy)

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Description: Blowjob, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Moaning, Kissing, Deep Throat, Fingering, Facial, Cumshots, Skinny, Shaved, Smooth, Twinks, Uncut. ////// In this new episode of Naked Twink Contest, Doryann Marguet welcomes Justin Leroy from France and Devin Lewis from the USA. The two players will compete in a game of translations and anatomy. The French twink must guess what mean words written in English and vice versa and then kiss the matching part on the opponent’s body. Which of the two boys will be the most talented in language? Who will be able to find the right words in a minimum of tries and win the right to get sucked today? We'll never know if it's an arbitration error or a bit of cheating from Justin, but while the video gives Devin as winner, at the time of shooting we come to a tie! Taken by surprise our star host will therefore decree that the two winning twinks will have to do a 69. Justin and Devin suck each other, lying on the couch and their two beautiful cocks are hard as wood. They kiss and jerk off rubbing their dicks against each other, the heat rises and Justin lays Devin on the sofa to eat his balls and suck him passionately. Then it's Devin's tight little ass who gets Justin's interest and he starts fingering and licking him before fucking him hard. Devin moans and Justin pounds him harder, he wants the American feeling him deep inside. The roles are then reversed and it’s Justin who rides Devin. The beautiful blonde goes up and down along the cock of Devin, then he gets pounded energetically and ends up cuming while getting fucked. Justin, whose body still covered with his hot cum finally goes to take a nice splash from Devin.