Den-i-al - Alex Faux, Clark Lewis, JP Dubois

Duration: 13:18 Views: 883 Submitted: 3 months ago
Description: Anal, Chastity Belt, Oral. ///// A big thank you to Behind Barz for designing this custom chastity belt. As gay men, we have been persecuted for sex and prohibited from action on our desires by force, ostritiziation, moral injunctions, and so-called divine decree. As a result, we are often touchy about boundaries, experiencing them as “rules.” However, rules are imposed from the outside, whereas boundaries are an experience of one’s own inner knowledge and the intersection of action and constraint. As a modern gay culture, we fuck for permission. We fuck as many as possible. We find power in expansion of our empires, acquiring man after man. We might overlook the tremendous power of containment, not on moral authority, but because it can also feel like heaven to put ourselves through the “hell” of wanting and wanting for the pure pleasure of denial. It is a reclaiming and overturning of the prohibitions that have been placed upon our bodies from the outside in. This time, it is I who denies myself. Video concept by Finn Deerhart.