Elder Berry & Elder Stewart & Angel - WAYFARING MAN

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Description: Elder Berry and Elder Stewart suck off a hung stranger! These two missionaries have been having so much sex with one another that their work has really begun to suffer. Every morning they get each other off, and so leave the apartment late, and they come home for a long, sexy lunch break, and their up late boning every night. They’re less worried about the discussions they’re not teaching and their failure to hit the mission goal of 3 baptisms per month, and more worried that if the mission president sees that they’ve been slacking off he’ll transfer one of them. Out tracking one day, the two cute young elders come across a handsome guy sitting beside a tree. Missionaries are trained to talk to everyone, because you never know who might be ready to receive the gospel. They approach and say hello, and he tells them he has nowhere to go. Sensing an opportunity to teach a few discussions, and maybe even score a baptism, the two elders invite him to come home with them. Their new friend doesn’t know anything about Mormons. He’s surprised that they share bunk beds in a little room. Even weirder, when they change out of their suits, he notices that they’re wearing really strange underwear. Do all Mormons wear underwear like this, he wonders? And when he strips naked for bed and takes the top bunk, the two young elders keep their funny underwear on and share the bottom bunk. The investigator has a hard Read more . . . time sleeping that night. He can’t get his mind off the two boys sleeping under him. They’re so young and so innocent, and he could tell even through their underwear that they have tight young bodies. What he does’t know is that they are up late, too, thinking about him. He’s so much more of a man than they are, with his muscles, and his tattoos, and the meaty cock they just caught a glimpse of as he crawled into bed. They are too afraid to have sex with him in the top bunk, but when they wake up in the morning, they both have morning wood popping out of their garments. They’re so horny they decide to risk it. They kiss and quietly fondle each others’ dicks, keeping an ear open for the sound of the guest waking up. But they haven’t been as quiet as they think! Their new friend hears them kissing and rustling around. He peeks over the edge of the bunk and sees their two dicks sticking out of their underwear. He shifts in the bed so that he can grab his own dick, which is getting harder and harder. Are the missionaries allowed to have sex? Should he join them on the bottom bunk? Or should he wait for an invitation? But the invitation never comes. He secretly watches them play with each other, and when he can’t resist any longer, he decides to stick his huge boner through the slats of the bunk bed and see what the missionaries do. The elders are shocked when the see his hard, thick cock and giant balls appear above their heads, but they are total game. They take turns sucking his dick and sucking each other. They can tell from the moans coming from above that their guest is enjoying himself. Elder Stewart takes their investigator’s balls in his mouth, while his companion Elder Berry takes the cock deep into his throat and sucks the head of his uncircumcised cock. He wraps a hand around the dick and gives it a hand job while he licks and sucks. The feeling of the two boys working him over, unseen, is too much for the new houseguest. He clenches his round butt and with a groan fills up the elder’s mouth with semen. If this is what their friend is like on a first visit, the elders can’t wait for the Second Discussion!