Boy's First Time - Tape 1 - Boy Massage

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Description: Boy's First Time - Tape 1 - Mr Houser & His Boy Cole - Boy Massage ////// Twinks, Anal/Oral Sex, Dad And Son, BlowJob, Rimming, Masturbation, Cumshots. /////// I could hear Cole going through his things in the next room. In my mind that wasn't exactly the purpose of the Forbidden Boy Hotel, but the place was pretty big with multiple bedrooms. At least five people could have stayed at the bnb-style hotel without needing to share a bed. I suppose it makes sense — giving each couple a place to start from. If every man knew he had to share a bed with his boy, maybe they wouldn’t be so brave... When Cole started showing signs of his attraction, I was completely at a loss for words. I was flattered, but had no idea of what to do or say. I wanted to show him my love and to return the affection and attraction, but I didn’t have any sense of where to begin. Forbidden Boy seemed almost too perfect. A complete, guided experience on how to break through that wall. It was a chance to let go of my fear and give my boy what he needed most. When I got the confirmation email, I couldn’t believe I was going to go through with it! But there it was, in black and white on my screen; the dates where I would make love to my boy for the first time.