Graffiti Grind (Antony Carter, Roman Capellini)

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Description: Bareback, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Blowjob, Moaning, Kissing, Deep Throat, Fingering, Facial, Cumshots, Skinny, Shaved, Smooth, Tattoos, Uncut. /////// Handsome skater boy Antony Carter is in the right place at the right time, strolling through the abandoned warehouse outside of town. It's where a lot of the local guys go to smoke, drink or practice their graffiti skills, but that's not all that goes on there. Roman Capellini is the kind of boy who loves to have a good wank when the mood takes him, hauling out his meat in the woods, on hikes or when he's just hanging out waiting for a buddy to show up. His experience of dick-related BoyFun might be limited to masturbation, but when he's started by Antony watching and wanking his own big uncut meat he's soon exploring a little more than perhaps he expected. With a rigid dick offered for him to taste his inexperienced lips wrap around it, precum leaking onto his tongue as he slides his mouth along the warm pole, his own cock still bulging in his grip as he slurps and sucks his new friend. Antony has already revealed his hornyness, spying on the lad and wanking off to the sight of Roman's big piece being pleasured, so it's no wonder he's soon returning the favor and working the young man's immense tool with his lips and tongue. With their smooth and athletic twink bodies totally revealed the passion can only rise. Antony takes a seat on the cold and hard concrete steps, his engorged inches rising up and ready for Roman to experience inside him. The tanned boy slides down, tentatively. His snug pucker welcomes the invading shape as Antony's bare cock oozes precum inside him. As the pace quickens Antony offers a reach around, fucking his buddy in the butt while he strokes his new pal's erection, his suckable balls bouncing up and down with every demanding thrust. With animalistic urgency Antony takes the boy from behind, his meat crammed into Roman's hole, his hips bouncing while their shared pleasure grows more intense, their heavy nuts swinging and slapping around. Any boy would be on the edge by now, and with a final rapid pounding Antony pulls his dick free and heads up to tower over his new friend, cum soon launching from his helmet to rain down over Roman's chest and face. The smell and feel of fresh semen splashing down over him is all the boy needs to be wanking out his own copious load, pumping thick gooey cream as their moans of pleasure begin to subside. As the two part company Roman is sure glad he stopped to jack off in the old warehouse.