Jaison Moon & Elio Pjatteryd

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Description: Shaved, Masturbation, Oiled, Handjob, Cumshot, Uncut, Smooth, Twinks. ///// Elio Pjatteryd walks in for his weekly massage from Jason Moon. Jason's massage table is currently being repaired, so they decide to use the couch. Elio quickly strips down to his underwear, and lays down on the couch. Jason gets on top, and crouches over Elio as he applies some oil to Elio's back. Jason really wants to work on Elio's ass, so he pulls Elio's underwear all the way off and applies a little more oil. Jason massages Elio's plump, round cheeks as he slips his thumbs down into Elio's crack, teasing his tight puckered hole. Elio moans in pleasure. Jason gets up and flips himself around, facing Elio's feet. He oils up each foot, taking time to get in-between every toe. Jason then has Elio roll over on his back, and we finally get a view of Elio's hardening uncut cock. Jason squirts oil all over Elio's chest and abs, rubbing it all in. Elio's cock twitches in anticipation, as Jason's hands keep brushing up against it. Jason finally grabs hold of Elio's sausage with one hand, while continuing to rub Elio's nipples with the other hand. Elio is getting harder and more aroused, as Jason works the foreskin up and down over the engorged head. Jason adds more oil, and uses both hands to start jacking Elio closer and closer to climax. It's getting close; Elio is squirming with pleasure, and his breathing is getting quicker and shallower. Finally, with Jason jerking with one hand and pressing on Elio's prostate with his other fingers, Elio can take no more and shoots his hot cum all over his abs, and Jason's hand. Jason squeezes out every last drop of juice, and rubs the warm cum into Elio's skin and still hard cock as our scene fades to black.