Sergeant Miles Fucks Petty Officer Rizzo

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Description: If you want a hot and heavy workout, there is probably no better place to get it than from than a Navy Corpsman or and Army soldier. And when the two team up, the sparks fly pretty quickly. Military guys having sex with each other is nothing new to either of these studs. Sergeant Miles has had his eye on Petty Officer Rizzo for a while. So when Rizzo asks Miles if he wants to go one on one for a little workout to break some sweat, Miles is all about it. Both studs start off shirtless and go for a couple sets of push-ups. After a set of those, Miles wants to bench Rizzo in more ways than one. He hoists Rizzo in the air and does a good set of reps with him. That is more than enough ot get Rizzo in the mood, and he reaches right for Miles' package to see what he's packing. Rizzo's eyes get wide enough to tell he's pretty excited at what he found. Miles grabs the back of Rizzo's head and draws him in for some hot lip to lip action while Rizzo lets his hands explore under Miles' pants. In moments, Rizzo pulls out a raging hard cock from Miles' trousers and wraps his lips around it. Miles is a bit more than a mouth full, but Rizzo is up to the task as he stretches his throat to take in more and more of his buddy's cock. Soon, Miles has his hand on the back of Rizzo's head and his pressing him down on his cock. After a few moments, Miles is ready for more, and he tosses his buddy onto the couch on all fours, and all but rips his pants off before shoe horning his cock in Rizzo's tight ass. Rizzo moans approval as Miles goes in balls-deep and start grinding his buddy's hole open for more serious pounding. Rizzo's hips are just the perfect size for Miles' big man hands to grab and pound away on his buddy until his cum filled ball sack is slapping against Rizzo. Then Miles throws Rizzo onto his back and goes in deeper for some spine compressing pounding. Next, Rizzo straddles his buddy and goes for a serious ride. Miles slams his cock deep into Rizzo until both studs are edging. Then Rizzo let's it fly as he gushes cum all over Miles's rock hard abs. Miles jumps up and blasts a load across Rizzo's face until he is completely empty.