Devin - Solo

Duration: 13:56 Views: 16K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: HERE CUMS THE MIRROR MAN Using a mirror to jerk off in front of is one of those absolutely wonderful porn cliches if done well, since it provides an abundance of real and symbolic advantages. High on the list is the fact that you get a double image (two models for the price of one, itself a big deal in era of porn cutbacks!), which has the visual appearance that the guy is having sex with himself, not to mention the meta statement it makes about narcissism. And then there’s just the plain visual itself. With the right guy, it always looks fantastic. Sean Cody’s Devin is the right guy. This devilishly handsome guy has just he right face, just the right body (with a nice, big and hairy ass, too) and just the right attitude to pull it off. Add to that a dick that shoots one helluva big load and you have the perfect mirror man. One more thing before your eye wanders down: Devin shoots such a big load that he coated the Cody camera lens in cum!