Addison & Kai (Kai Madison and Addison Graham)

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Description: Oral/Anal sex, Blow job, Rimming, Gym, Sport, Masturbation, Cumshots. ////// When Addison Graham and Kia Madison were working out like any other horny jocks do things immediately got steamy. Kai could not wait to get Addison out of his gym shorts so he could bury his face in that musky crotch of his and deep throat his delicious cock. Addison is quite skilled at sucking cock himself and gave Kai a run for his money. Addison also learned the hard part about working out with a horny friend while naked. He could not even get a few leg lifts done because Kai was all up in his ass with his tongue giving him a high flying rim job. Then Kai gave him such an ass fucking that he barely knew where he was. But he was not really complaining, especially when he shot a nice thick load all over his chest. And to drive the point home, Kai let loose with a watery spray of jizz that hosed down all of his sweaty cumsoaked body.