Denis Nowak and Donnie Marco

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Description: Blowjob, Anal Sex, Bareback, Moaning, Masturbation, Deep Throat, Kissing, Rimming, Fingering, Handjob, Facial, Cumshots, Uncut. /////// Denis Nowak is late for work, but Donnie Marco has other plans. Donnie grabs Denis' hand and pulls him towards the sofa. Things heat up quickly as Donnie shoves his tongue deep into Denis' mouth. Donnie wastes no time stripping the clothes off Denis and he finds Denis' uncut cock, rock hard and aching for attention. Donnie woofs down the entire length with ease, slurping and sucking every inch of Denis' meat. They pause to kiss, as Denis helps Donnie to remove his shirt and pull down his pants; revealing Donnie's own thick, uncut, rock hard sausage. Denis immediately goes to work giving Donnie an expert blowjob, as Donnie reaches around and fingers Denis' tight hole. Donnie stands to fully remove his pants, and then Denis resumes sucking Donnie's engorged cock; deep-throating it down to the base. Donnie is fully primed, and ready for more. He positions Denis over the back of the sofa, with legs spread wide for easy access to Denis' waiting fuck tunnel. Donnie spits into Denis' hole, rimming and finger-fucking him for a couple of minutes to get everything loose, and nicely lubed up. Finally, Donnie is ready to fuck and kneels behind Denis; pushing his steel pole into Denis' warm canal. Denis groans with pleasure, as Donnie starts pounding away. They fuck like this for a few minutes, then move around with Donnie sitting back on the sofa, with Denis facing him and straddling Donnie's fuck-rod. Denis bounces up and down, giving Donnie a good fuck. Donnie then picks Denis up, while still inside of him, and positions Denis lying back on the sofa, legs spread wide, to continue fucking from a better angle. Denis can't take any more, and cums while Donnie is still pounding away. This puts Donnie over the edge, as he pulls out and pumps a huge load all over Denis and part of the sofa. Donnie then sucks the cum off of Denis' cock, and licks their combined jizz from Denis' abs and chest. With a grin, Donnie tells Denis "now you can go!", as he lays back on the sofa to recharge for Denis' return that evening.