Handful of Faith Scene #02

Duration: 20:00 Views: 1.2K Submitted: 4 months ago
Description: Anal, Fetish/Kink, Double Fisting/Handballing, Oral, Piercing, Rimming. ///// (Models Devin Franco, Sherman Maus). Devin Franco and Sherman Maus begin making out, but it isn't too long before Devin is choking on Sherman's cock. Devin shows off his deep throating skills working Sherman's shaft and then bends him over to get a taste of Sherman's ass. After Devin gets his fill of Sherman's sweet ass Devin stands up and shoves his cock deep into Sherman's hungry hole and gives him one hell of a pounding! Sherman can't wait for Devin's hand and moans to Jesus for Devin to give his sloppy hole more! Devin begins to punch Sherman's hole one hand at a time and then spills Sherman around to show off Sherman's hot cock while bouncing up and down on Devin's hand. Devin puts Sherman on his back, legs to the air and punches Sherman's hole until Sherman can't take it anymore and goes into complete ecstasy and cums a huge load.