Kyler Takes On Barron (Barron and Kyler)

Duration: 18:23 Views: 1.3K Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Cumshots, Masturbation, Rimming. ////// You could instantly tell Barron wanted himself a piece of Kyler. He couldn't keep his hands off him as our cameras got rolling, and even before the action while the guys were still doing a little interview at the outset of this episode, he couldn't help but reach out and stroke Kyler a bit. Kyler also really wanted himself a piece of Barron! "You're so hot!", he says as they're making out. If these guys didn't already want to fuck, the kissing they get in to here would have sealed the deal and left them needing to have sex with one another. Their make-out session is hot, passionate, and intense - both of these guys clearly like to kiss, and were thrilled to get paired up with someone who enjoys it as much as they do. But hey, the main event here is the fucking! Kyler's discovered how much he likes getting fucked since arriving at CF, and we all know Barron has a big dick and can fuck like a champ. As we watch these two, armed with the knowledge Barron loves to pound a hot hole hard and deep with his big cock, it's as if we know what Kyler's in for even before Kyler does! Don't worry, though - once Kyler realizes what he's in for, he is loving every single bit of it!